Western Australia

Two Perth rail tenders rolled into one to overcome skills shortage

A timetable for procurement for a WA infrastructure project has been revealed.

Award of $136m primary contract for WA radio project

The primary contract has been awarded with a WA infrastructure project.

Primary contract up for grabs with $22m Perth school project

A key contact has updated Projectory on a major WA project.

Procurement plan revealed for $450m Perth construction project

A key contact has revealed the likely primary contractor with a WA construction project.

Early tenders called for major Pilbara roadworks

Environmental approval to upgrade a major road between to major Pilbara towns has expedited construction plans.

EPA recommends approval for mining giants long term plans for the north

A 50-year plan touting tens of billions or construction plans for the Pilbara has been approved.

Green light for $1b lithium project paves the way for 900 south-west jobs

Approval for a lithium hydroxide product manufacturing plant has been given to construct a $1b lithium plant in the South West.

WA company secures power works for $2b iron ore project

A local specialist resources provider has begun ramping up to deliver power generation equipment for a massive iron ore project in the Pilbara.

WA iron ore project gears up for expansion project in the north

A subsidiary of one of Australia’s leading iron ore miners is moving towards the expansion of its Pilbara mine this year.

Innovative apartment project planned for Perth

An innovative housing project has been proposed for Western Australia.