If you're interested in subscribing, but unsure of the return on investment you may be interested in the results of our May 2015 subscriber survey... 

A total of 98% of subscribers surveyed intend to renew their subscription!

The survey also revealed that thanks to Projectory, 16% of subscribers have won work and contracts with a median value of $75,000 and an average of $73 million. The biggest contract won among this tranche of subscribers was $1 billion!

Subscribers using Projectory for more than 24 months are getting the most benefit with:

  • 18% winning contracts;
  • 36% tendering for additional work;
  • 50% developing new business opportunities with other organisations; and
  • 23% improving their tender, bid and proposal practices thanks to our FREE webinars.

In 2014 Projectory published 1101 intelligence reports on 692 major projects including 1763 unique key project contacts.

"Projectory is a fantastic resource that makes any BDM's life a whole lot easier. The key contacts that Projectory provides for project work is invaluable. Our company has won multiple contracts as a direct result of the information and contacts provided by Projectory."
- Marcus Busby, Budget Car & Truck Rental (May 2015)

"Projectory has enabled us to reach new contacts and business opportunities where we would not have seen them before."
- Glenn Hill, Caltex Australia (May 2015)

"Projectory is a great business development tool as it takes you straight to the source of the project and it's almost as good as a warm lead. Great service and thoroughly recommended."
- Chris Dickson, Chandler Macleod (May 2015)

“Projectory has been the best website I have used for information on major projects. The information is accurate, timely and often quite detailed. It allows me to really understand a project and a company before I contact them. 

- Lauren Field, Sales Executive NSW, Hertz Trucks (July 2014)

“It is absolutely an indispensable source for my market insights reports. The information provided in Projectory is unique and absolutely critical for identifying green pastures which the sales team would have missed in their opportunity pipeline.” 
- Aakanksha Mishra, Senior Marketing Analyst, Veolia (July 2014)

“Projectory is a great view of what is happening not only in our state, but the whole country. It's my go to place for information on projects.” 
- Karen Gillespie, Regional Sales Manager, BOC Limited (July 2014)

“For a small business, Projectory offers useful information for upcoming work opportunities by supplying contact details and updates on projects that our business is interested in pursuing.” 
- Kylie McClure, Admin & Finance Manager, McClure Earthmoving (July 2014)

“Projectory provides ‘real time’ up-to-date data which keeps us well informed of opportunities both new and in progress.” 
- Nick Jones, Project Logistics Specialist, Ceva Logistics (July 2014)

“Keeps me up to date with what's happening on a day to day basis.” 
- Timothy John Paragreen, Infrastructure Development Manager, Murphy Pipe and Civil Constructions (July 2014)

“Projectory is a great way to keep you in the know with up coming and continuing projects. They provide you with key information all there on the one site.” 
- Emily Pellicano, Administration Manager, EXP Resources (July 2014)

“Makes my job easier! 
- Matthew Adams, Project Development Coordinator, Panalpina (July 2014)

“Projectory keeps me in the loop, and ensures I stay updated on all new upcoming projects for the area I am looking after.” 
- Courtney Monaghan, Market Development Representative, ACO Polycrete (July 2014)

"Projectory enables access to many opportunities before major decisions are made which may result in my company missing out on opportunities."
- Stephen Creak, Key Account Manager - Systems Engineering, Industrial Group, Toshiba International Corporation Pty Ltd

"Projectory's project database feature is fantastic value for money."
- Lysandra Gonsalves, IT Systems & Business Improvements Leader, Marble Expert Recruitment

"We have sourced many new leads through Projectory, and been able to get on tender lists by getting in early."
- Tim Gibson, Sales Engineer, Integrated Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

"I find the info on provided on Projectory very up to date and informative."
- Jennie Mann, Research Officer, Hartac Signs and Safety Solutions

"The information in Projectory is comprehensive and informative. We see Projectory as a valuable resource for opportunities to grow our business in existing and new strategic markets."
- Stephen Mancinelli, Sales and Marketing Manager, Honeywell Ltd

“Projectory is the only project driven medium that provides direct communication to pursue real opportunities.”
- Carole Staeck, Communications General Manager, AustIndo (WA) Pty Ltd

"We are very happy with Projectory. The information provides early recognition of pending projects, is up to date and relevant, and is focused on key issues and updated regularly."
- Garry Meier, Business Development Manager SEA, Downer Australia    

"Projectory provides information about a project at the scoping or conceptual stage and follows through with information on capex, approvals, timing, status and financial decisions. This allows us to do a lot of pre-work prior to the tender stage, allowing us to build a relationship with interested EPC contractors."
- Charmaine Ferabend, Steel Trader Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd

"Projectory provided our marketing and tendering team an additional channel to discover new projects opportunities as well as a daily tool to receive updates and learn status of the all projects in Australia, in which some of them we are involved or tendering for."
- Arthur Lu, Marketing Manager, Australia Marine Services Pty Ltd

"An excellent source of project information, all in the one place, particularly in the mining and oil and gas sectors."
- Jeffrey See, Design & Build Recruitment Pty Ltd

"Projectory is a great concept and the information is always accurate. It has been a great benefit to our business."
- Ryan Doyle, Business Development Manager, Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited

“Projectory is informative, has timely information and allows us to forward plan.”
- Mark Handley, Contracts Administrator, Earthtrack Solutions Pty Ltd

"Our team is finding Projectory very useful, especially on jobs that are not always tendered on usual tender sites."
- Liza Burton, Proposals Coordinator VIC/TAS/SA, Jemena Asset Management

"I find that Projectory is reliable and gives me the right information I need on any project I am looking at. Key contacts are essential for me."
- Craig Wilson, Business Development Manager, Australian Pressure Testing Services

"Danterr has found Projectory a very useful marketing tool to track down what projects are happening, what stage they are at and who is involved. We need something to keep us up to date on what is happening. We really appreciate the weekly email updates. Keep up the good work!"
- Daniel McWhirter, Sales Manager, Danterr

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